Process data contains a wealth of valuable knowledge for your organization. Extracting useful information from the huge amounts of data is no easy task. Batenburg Magion provides solutions which help to provide insight into important performance indicators (KPI’s), such as asset health, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), energy management and (CO2) emission.  Furthermore we assist in the optimization of your production process by means of alarm reduction and/or improving the performance of your control loops (loop tuning).


Batenburg Magion offers a solution, in which we make determining the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) insightful. Using the OEE in the further optimization of your production process is important when adopting strategies such as ‘Total Productive maintenance,’ ‘Lean Manufacturing,’ ‘WCOM,’ and ‘Six Sigma.’ These strategies aim to optimize the availability of production installations, machines and other equipment.


Emission monitoring

The ever evolving environmental legislation (such as the Paris climate accords of 2015) demand an increase in accurately determining the impact of a process or production installation on the environment. Information regarding energy consumption and CO2 emission play an important role. It is therefore imperative to accurately map aspects such as the kind of emission as well as the amount and duration of the emission. Batenburg Magion has developed a solution which not only provides insight in the emissions of your installation, which is unique, but also complies to international regulations with respect to the traceability of the data. 
Asset Health

It is possible to determine the state of your production process by monitoring certain process indicators and parameters. This indicates if your production process is still operating within its operating envelope. If this is not the case, this can be an indicator for the need of preventive maintenance. Our application can be expanded further into the realm of predictive maintenance. In both cases, we offer the possibility for integration with systems such as Maximo and SAP.



Decision Support

Decisions regarding the control of a production process sometimes need to be made in a split second (in the control room). Operators need to have as much relevant knowledge and information about the production process as possible, in order to quickly make the right decision. Batenburg Magion is specialized in implementing real-time decision support systems. The solutions we implement usually are process- and timecritical systems, used to assist the processoperator with monitoring, diagnostics, planning and prediction. Batenburg Magion uses a number of platforms to develop intelligent realtime applications such as Gensym G2®. 

Alarm Management

Relevant information for process operators, without a surplus of alarm notifications. Our practical approach (based upon the ISA 18.2 norm) leads quickly to results for new systems as well as existing situations. This will ensure that the process operator has more time to do his actual task: to run the production process as efficient and optimal as possible. 




Advanced Process Control

An important method to further optimize your production process is the use of ‘Advanced Process Control.’ Batenburg Magion has developed a methodology for this which consists of five steps. The first is to tune existing control loops in order to increase their performance. In the last step we look at control strategies based on product quality and financial result.