Your assets generate large amounts of (process and production) data. In the era of Big Data, Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, these data become more and more relevant. Batenburg Magion has the expertise to provide you with a solid consult regarding the storage of these data, to ensure availability in a quick and efficient way for analysis and visualization purposes. Next to this, we also provide services for the implementation and maintenance (support) of these systems.

Batenburg Magion is partner of OSIsoft and AspenTech and as such we are very familiar with the leading historian platforms (the PI system and the IP21 system, respectively). But we are also capable of assisting with other platforms such as Yokogawa Exaquantum and Honeywell PHD.


Installing a historian system is much more than just software. Batenburg Magion also ensures that the system fits within your ICT network architecture and cyber security policies. 


After the historian is installed, the system will be optimized further by adjusting the system configuration to accommodate your own unique situation. This is done for instance by setting up correct scan-times when retrieving process data, configuring back-up schedules and monitoring the system itself (system health). Also for systems that are in operation for a while, a lot can be gained by a good configuration. We are happy to assist.

Quick scan

Batenburg Magion has developed a quick scan, which generates an overview of the current state of your situation (with or without historian system). With the results of this quick scan, we can provide you with several recommendations for a future architecture. To be able to achieve this, we use a radar plot with 7 key criteria amongst which are security, costs and maintainability. The results of the quick-scan provide a clear starting point for each project in which a historian is involved.



If you decide to migrate to a different historian system, Batenburg Magion not only ensures that the new system will be installed and configured in an optimal way, but also that existing data will be transferred to be available in the new system. If possible we do thins without loss of data during the migration process.