Chemical industry

The focus in the chemical industry in Western Europe is increasingly on specialisations; products with higher added value, but small volumes. Increasing flexibility is expected from the installations. This increases complexity while the safety requirements increase in number.

We understand the complexity in which our customers have to work and always offer new solutions for both continuous and batch processes.

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Explosion protection
ATEX Directives

ATEX Directives

One of the ways to prevent an explosion is to ensure that possible ignition sources, such as electrical installations, comply with safety requirements in accordance with the ATEX114 Directive, thus sufficiently reducing the risk of ignition.

The ATEX114 Directive specifies the standards that equipment and products used in potentially explosive environments must meet. This directive applies to manufacturers.

We have extensive experience in the construction of electrical installations in areas with an explosion hazard and the application of intrinsically safe components, insulators and barriers.


Not only the extensive experience with continuous and batch processes and the application of the ISA-88 (S88) standards, but also the specialist knowledge of various DCS controls ensures that Batenburg is increasingly carrying out projects within the chemical industry.

Customers like BASF have been using our services and solutions for years, to their full satisfaction.

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