Batenburg Magion has been active in the process industry for more than 30 years. Like no other we are able to guide our customers with a optimal, safe and sustainable production process.


Our approach emphasizes an equal partnership with a multi-year cooperation. The resulting synergy provides many advantages: better calculations and risk inventories, shorter lead times, ​cost savings and, last but not least: more job satisfaction for all involved!

Our expertise

We offer our knowledge and expertise in three disciplines that specialize in the relevant area. We are also very capable of combining these areas of expertise into a multidisciplinary solution.

Is your production process future-proof?


Digitization in the process industry has entered and is here to stay.
With the growing demand for cleaner fuels and climate agreements that are being converted into laws and regulations, we are on the brink of digital transformation.

As a partner, we carry out projects that contribute to the following themes:

Characteristics of the new industry:

Characteristics of the new industry:

- Working towards products and energy from a lowcarbon and circular economy.

- Reducing emissions on existing production according to the law and regulations.

- Increase insight into the operations of the organizaion through reliable production data.

- Safe integration and data transfer between different systems. 

The integration between IT and OT is of increasing importance for future production, but presents complex challenges. A critical success factor in our projects is the combination of people and technology. Batenburg Magion works in project teams with OT experts who understand the combination of IT and OT requirements. That way we can properly guide our customers.

Batenburg Magion works on various projects that bring these challenges back to achievable steps and goals that yield results.
Our experience is that when large IT / OT projects that cost a lot of money and time are split into smaller innovative projects, the turnaround time and costs are reduced.