Stored process and production data can only be beneficial if they can be presented in a clear and unambiguous way. Batenburg Magion provides solutions for this that fit your needs. Examples of this are (web-based) reports and dashboards, mobile-apps and augmented reality.


Do you have many (production) reports in Excel format roaming around in your organization? Has the maintenance and upkeep of these Excel based reports become a nightmare? Batenburg Magion provides you with the solution to this problem: web-based reporting. The advantage; everyone within your organization has online access to the same reports with the same data. No longer will you have different versions of the same report roaming around in your organization. Discussions on the reliability of the reported data become much easier. One version of the truth. And because these web-based reports are being managed on a central location, they are always up to date. And do you require something tangible, such as a printout or export to PDF? No problem for Batenburg Magion’s solution. 




Would you like an easy way to have an overview of your production installation? Are you thinking about process and/or status overviews, or perhaps you are looking for dashboards for operational or maintenance use? Batenburg Magion delivers web-based dashboard applications, which provide clear and unambiguous insight. If desired, these dashboards can seamlessly be integrated into our web-based reporting solution.


Keeping track of uptime and downtime of various installations, machines or equipment can be an arduous task. Especially when there are varying start and stop times, or if they quickly follow one and another. Also for this case Batenburg Magion is able to offer a solution. By using stored process data one can for example determine the numer of running hours for a pump, or the time it takes for a safety valve to close after a command has been given. Operators or technicians no longer have to enter the field to (manually) conduct these measurements. Additional data can be added to enrich the data and the results of these analysis can be displayed in Batenburg Magion’s reporting solution. Manual input can be added, in a traceable and auditable way.