With current developments of digitization in industry, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. Process automation systems are now prime target for digital attacks. 
We see companies turning their focus on complying with legislation and international standards but protecting their assets against cyber-attacks in practice still has many challenges and obstacles. It feels like a maze with countless possibilities.
In many cases, industrial operations are facing audit reports with conclusions and recommendations lacking the practical steps for mitigating towards a secure process control domain. Security risks in industrial process environments differ from those in a standard office IT setting. Mitigation from a pure IT security point of view is not sufficient. Plant owners are looking for expertise and capacity to apply Industrial Cyber Security in an effective, safe and resilient manner.

People often ask: "How can we meet industrial security requirements within our process environment, and How do we get there?"

Our approach

Batenburg Magion is providing plant owners in the process industry with Industrial Cyber Security solutions for more than 12 years. We use our knowledge and experience in the field of both OT and IT following industrial standards such as the ISA/IEC 62443. Our engineers have a background in both process control automation and Cyber Security. This combination has shown to be successful in the approach to secure your process control domain. Our goal is to make deployment of Industrial Cyber Security manageable for plant owners. No comprehensive audit reports, but practical, result-driven solutions, tailored to the OT environment.

Our approach in a typical Industrial Cyber Security life cycle comes with the following activities:

  • Asset Inventory (OT systems, networks and applications);
  • Inventory of security risks;
  • Analysis and design for a secure OT network architecture;
  • Assessment according to the IEC 62443 standard;
  • Mitigation actions to make security risks manageable;
  • Technical support for the implementation;
  • On-site support;
  • Stand-by support in a Run & Maintain environment.

Batenburg Magion has experience with medium-sized to large-scaled security projects in the Energy, Water, Oil & Gas, and Chemical industries. What makes us unique is that we partner with the site throughout implementation.

In the past 12 years we have applied our expertise to improve the industrial security for dozens of sites. 
​The result is a partnership during all phases of the security life cycle: Define > Design > Implementation > Support. 

Why choose Magion?

  • I am looking for a specialized Industrial Cyber Security partner familiar with process operations technology (OT).
  • Security audit recommendations need interpretation to fit my production environment. I need help!
  •  It is time-consuming, costly and complex to find out yourself.
  •  I want to comply with the legislation and need direction on how to manage my risks within budget.
  •  We are looking for a partner who will guide and support us towards a secure process control domain.