Industrial cybersecurity

In the current era of digital transformation in industry, industrial cybersecurity plays an increasingly important role. Industrial automation systems are increasingly the target of digital attacks. What we see is that many companies aim to comply with legislation and new standards, but that protecting assets against cyber attacks in practice still has many challenges and obstacles, a maze with endless possibilities.​

What is industrial cybersecurity?

Industrial cybersecurity is a form of digital security where specially designed technologies and services secure every industrial layer. It is important here that the industrial processes are not disturbed and that both man and machine can continue to work undisturbed. Industrial cybersecurity goes beyond simply IT. It's not just about securing a workstation or server, it's about securing entire industrial systems. From DCS, SCADA to PLCs and network components and connections. Companies that want to protect themselves against cyber attacks quickly realize that this involves a lot and that explicit knowledge is required.

Unsecured systems prone to cyber attacks

If processes run smoothly and industrial systems can continue to run without disruptions, it is a huge disappointment if they are unexpectedly ravaged by a cyber attack. Not only does this temporarily stop the work process, but data is also unintentionally shared with third parties. This costs money, time and puts the entire operation at risk.

Failure to digitally secure and make industrial systems resilient can have major consequences for a company..​

Vulnerable without industrial cybersecurity

If industrial cybersecurity is not part of current business operations, there is automatically a greater chance that data and industrial systems are vulnerable. Is cybersecurity already being used? Then it is important to check whether it offers sufficient protection. A persistent cyber attack not only has an effect on operational continuity, but can shut down the entire business operations.

Securing data, monitoring and optimizing IT and OT environment

Preventing industrial data, systems and devices from being vulnerable to cyber-attacks is extremely important. Making industrial processes resilient, resilient and secure ensures that operations continue to run smoothly without threats from unwanted intruders. Batenburg Techniek helps to map out the total picture.


What is there already in the field of industrial cybersecurity and where are improvements and optimisations? That's what we're going to work on. We help with gaining insight into the current situation, but also with making a plan and executing the implementation to take industrial cybersecurity to a higher level.

Technical service provider with knowledge!

At Batenburg Techniek we have a lot of technical knowledge and we are specialized in both OT and IT (Operational Technology, Information Technology). This means that we are not only familiar with everything in the field of controlling and protecting data, but also have knowledge of monitoring, detecting and controlling hardware and software. This knowledge enables us to help companies protect their industrial systems, networks and sensitive data against attacks.

The digital security of companies in the industry requires a different form of cybersecurity, measures and approach. It requires more than a traditional IT approach. An engineering approach is required to solve large and complex OT issues.

Batenburg Techniek as a partner for industrial cybersecurity

Operational continuity and secure industrial processes, that is what Batenburg Techniek takes care of. We solve complex issues related to digital security and support the implementation and complete design of industrial cybersecurity. Interested in the application of industrial cybersecurity? Please contact us.

About Batenburg Techniek

At Batenburg Techniek we are involved in the development and integration of industrial cybersecurity and we think along with the customer for a suitable solution. Thanks to our technical knowledge of automating, securing and making production processes more efficient, we contribute to a sustainable, innovative and future-proof process industry.