Industrial cybersecurity: protect your operational environment

Our airports, the Afsluitdijk, drinking water companies, ports, food producers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and more: All vital to our society. That means not only that a secure IT environment is high on the list, but also the safety of operations and shop floor. That's your OT or Operational Technology. You want to protect that from outside influences. For that too, you can turn to the experts at Batenburg Industrial Automation. They ensure that your OT is Cyber Secure, so you can continue to make your contribution to society safely.

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The operation first

Mapping the risks

When you think of industrial cybersecurity, you usually immediately think of your IT environment, but the operational environment is also at least as vulnerable and an attractive prey for malicious parties. It is therefore logical that you need to have your security in order there too. But how do you know what the risks are and where they are located in the operation? The expertise and capacity to identify this is often lacking, as is the ability to take targeted action.

Implement and tackle

Batenburg has been helping clients in the process industry with the implementation of IT and OT Cyber Security for more than 15 years. In doing so, we use our knowledge and experience by applying industry standards, such as ISA/IEC 62443. Our engineers have knowledge of both the process environment and Industrial cybersecurity. Thanks to this combination, we are able to completely take care of the process from advice to implementation. This way, you as a company are ready for NIS2.


No thick reports, but practical advice

No shop floor or process design is the same, which is why all our advice is fully customised. After field research, we can make targeted recommendations and come up with an action plan, tailored to daily operations. In doing so, we take critical factors into account, in which cost-effectiveness also plays an important role.

Our approach to the industrial security life cycle

About Batenburg Techniek

At Batenburg Techniek, we are engaged in the development and integration of industrial cybersecurity and think along with the customer for a suitable solution. Through our technical knowledge of automating, securing and making production processes more efficient, we contribute to a sustainable, innovative and future-proof process industry.