Data intelligence

Manually analyzing processes and extracting insights from this in order to subsequently improve these processes, that is not reliable enough today. With data intelligence for process automation and process computerization, data is generated automatically and in real time, so that it can be used immediately for concrete solutions and automatic adjustments. No more manual and error-prone analyses, but reliable information from data intelligence.

What is data intelligence?

Data Intelligence involves smartly translating data into information to make data-driven decisions. For example, in a production process it can be used to apply predictive maintenance or to improve the performance of machines. And with the help of smart algorithms, expected maintenance for a production process becomes transparent and a company is not faced with any surprises.

Anyone who uses data intelligence opts for a streamlined work process in which the information obtained is cleverly used to automate processes.

Failures, maintenance, quality and productivity

No one wants disruptions that stop work processes, causing time and production to be lost. Solving a malfunction of which the cause is known already costs a lot of time and money, but malfunctions of which the cause is unknown, that is where your production process has to absorb the biggest blows. By using data intelligence, we can not only find out what causes the malfunction and how we can solve it in time, but in many cases we can even prevent the malfunction.

With data intelligence we work directly towards a solution. By analyzing data, we provide insight into where there are optimization opportunities and we can see at an early stage where maintenance is required.

Missed opportunities without data intelligence

Data intelligence is an essential component for many companies. If you don't use this yet, you miss out on opportunities that can make or break production processes. In current work processes, is it not clear when equipment needs to be replaced, at what times there is the greatest chance of failure or what the ideal amount in a tank is? Then there is a good chance that investments have to be made that could be prevented with data intelligence.

Improving processes, making things run faster, understanding the cause of problems and no longer being faced with surprises: that's where data intelligence helps.

More than just IT with Operational Technology

At Batenburg Techniek we are not only at home in IT but also in OT. In addition to checking your data, we also help you check your process control systems. We can help you design the networks; from the links between IT and OT to making your networks cyber secure.

Batenburg Techniek as a partner for data intelligence

More efficient work processes through automation and real-time data? Then choose the data intelligence solutions from Batenburg Techniek. Whether it concerns solving a problem, gaining more insight into the large amount of data or an optimization process, Batenburg Techniek supports. With knowledge of production processes, algorithms, controls and IT & Operational Technology, Batenburg Techniek is the ideal partner for implementing data intelligence. Interested? Please contact us.

About Batenburg Techniek

Batenburg Techniek helps design and implement data intelligence for process automation and process computerization. We do this for various industries. We are happy to share our expertise in everything that has to do with complex industrial processes in which automation plays an important role. Thanks to our technical knowledge of automating, securing and making production processes more efficient, we contribute to a sustainable, innovative and future-proof process industry.