Within the industry, more and more non-core business activities are being outsourced. Due to the growing complexity of control installations, companies increasingly have to call in experts.

We take many worries off your hands by providing service, maintenance and support.
Check out our specialisations below to see how we can handle this for you.

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The complexity of many production processes and electrical control systems makes it difficult to keep them in optimal condition. Dust and certain gases can contaminate electrical and electronic components, especially in an industrial environment. Malfunctions result in loss of production or other undesirable situations. The prevention or rapid elimination of malfunctions is therefore essential. To service these installations, we have in-house specialists with knowledge and expertise in the field of technical installations in food & feed, infrastructure, water, chemicals and machine building.

We provide 24/7 support and preventive maintenance from the field instruments (level 0), PLC, SCADA and DCS (level 1 and 2) to the MES/MOM systems (level 3).

The service departments operate from our branches. We want our service departments to be close to the client, to ensure local and direct contact.

Service Modules
We offer an optimal service provision tailored to your needs. The various service contracts are offered in modules, which can be tailored to your specific situation.

We also have experience in performing electrical and mechanical maintenance on a large number of bridges and locks. But also for other installations, prevention is better than cure.

Another solution is predictive maintenance. Our software solutions allow predictive maintenance to be performed based on operating hours, number of circuits or diagnostic data.

Support in case of malfunctions 

Every malfunction affects the efficiency of the process and production. Our service technicians, service software engineers and MES engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for troubleshooting. Our service specialists are well equipped and have the means to connect to your systems from any location.

By taking out a service contract, you are assured of fast support from specialists in the event of faults in electrical installations and various automation and control systems.

Spare parts

In case of a defective component, it is usually of the utmost importance to replace it as soon as possible. Repairing an element often takes too long. That is why many end users keep their own stock of spare parts. You can save on these costs by subscribing to Beenen’s spare stock.

You can report a defective component to Beenen 24/7. A replacement component will be delivered to you within the agreed-upon response time. We can also exchange this component for the defective one and, if necessary, tune it.

You pay an annual fee per desired component. Upon delivery from the spare stock, you will be charged the list price of the component. We will reduce that price with the salvage value of the broken component.

Migration of obsolete systems
NEN 3140 Inspections

NEN 3140 Inspections

The Working Conditions Act requires the employer to create an electrically safe working situation. The NEN-EN 50110-1 and NEN 3140 standards help ensure this electrical safety. Beenen can conduct the mandatory periodic NEN 3140 inspection of low voltage installations for you.

The purpose of the NEN 3140 inspection is to check whether the electrical installation complies with the technical and safety regulations, as described in the relevant standards. New electrical installations, as well as modifications and extensions of existing installations, must be inspected before they are put into operation. The electrical installations must then be inspected at appropriate, regular intervals. The purpose of regular inspections is to detect defects that may occur after commissioning and may impede operation or constitute a potential source of danger. In consultation with your Plant Manager, we can determine the interval between inspections.

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