Robotics & Vision

Production processes that are slow and stiff affect mass production and delivery times. In addition, specific and personalized products take more time to produce; time that is not always there. With the use of robots & vision, this is done smarter, faster and more efficiently.

What is robotics & vision?

Robotics and vision was created to make production processes run more smoothly in industry, among other things. When we talk about robotics, we are talking about robots that take work off people's hands or make traditional production lines more flexible. Think of moving heavy material, but also carrying out mass production with the same operation every time. A robot often works faster, more efficiently and can perform dangerous work situations where people are at greater risk.

Robotics often goes hand in hand with machine vision. Machine vision is the combination of hardware and software with cameras, whereby devices receive operational guidance in performing their function based on capturing and processing images. Vision is used to detect parts, deviations or other specific matters. The application of robotics in combination with vision makes it possible to improve production processes.


Staff shortages, heavy workload or inefficient production

There is a great demand from consumers for affordable products. This calls for flexible production at the cost of mass production. But there is not always room for this due to a shortage of personnel, a lack of time or because work is too heavy to scale up production. With robot automation it is possible to realize that mass production. Robots take the heavy work out of your hands, ensure efficient production and at the same time solve the staff shortage.

At Batenburg Techniek we integrate robots into the production process, taking into account the wishes of the customer. We ensure a more efficient production process that is smarter, faster and more accurate than ever before. For a perfect integration, we think along with the total picture, whether this is for a factory or another environment.

Robots & vision = the future

Companies without automation (let alone without robot automation) are lagging behind their competitors in the market that do use robotics & vision. Fortunately, more and more companies in the industry are discovering the outcome of robots & vision and the outdated way of working is increasingly disappearing into the background. Anyone who uses robotics and vision to optimize production processes is innovative and ready for the future.


The combination of robotics with vision makes it possible to have the data resulting from the automation of the visual tasks subsequently performed by robots. Of course it is also possible to use both solutions separately. In some cases, the application of only robots or vision is already sufficient to optimize a production process.

Batenburg Techniek as a partner for robotics & vision

Smarter, faster and better production processes. That is what Batenburg Techniek provides with robotics & vision. We are a suitable partner for companies that are looking for innovative ways to make production processes or other activities more efficient. As a system integrator, we provide customer-specific tailor-made solutions. Interested in the application of industrial robotics & vision? Please contact us.


About Batenburg Techniek

At Batenburg Techniek we are involved in the development and integration of robots and vision cameras and we think along with the customer for a suitable solution. Thanks to our technical knowledge of automating, securing and making production processes more efficient, we contribute to a sustainable, innovative and future-proof process industry.