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A solution is sustainable if it provides insight into energy consumption or saves energy directly. At Batenburg Techniek, we help companies in their search for sustainable solutions, and we take on a proactive role. Our energy management and monitoring systems and the insight we create into Power Quality are great examples.

The power grid is becoming more and more heavily loaded. Over the years we have become more and more dependent on electrical energy, and we are consuming more and more. Electronic equipment, such as frequency regulators, switching power supplies and other power electronics are also increasingly used within production environments. These devices cause harmonic pollution in the electrical network. This reduces the quality of the electrical energy: the Power Quality goes down.

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What are the problems that may arise from poor Power Quality?

What are the problems that may arise from poor Power Quality?

- Accelerated aging of equipment and components
- Energy loss due to higher harmonic and reactive power
- Malfunctions of network and computer systems without obvious cause
- Faults in production machines and process systems

Improving the Power Quality prevents unnecessary costs resulting from the problems described above.

We have the knowledge and expertise to use a Power Quality measurement to provide an accurate analysis of the quality of the energy supply and its network..

Managing energy: it is possible

Managing energy: it is possible

Would you like to save costs by reducing energy consumption or demonstrate that objectives in accordance with ISO14001 have been met? Would you like to demonstrate continuous savings in accordance with ISO50001 or is your consumption inexplicably high? Is your company in compliance with MJA3?
Would you like to relate energy consumption to your production process?
Proper analysis will visualise problems and certainly opportunities as well.

Companies with an energy management system benefit from the following advantages:
- purchasing advantage and responsible investments
- no peak consumption costs
- standby power consumption and deviations from nominal consumption are identified
- failures and outages are prevented (Power Quality)
- understanding of the actual load relative to the installed capacity
- unnecessary investments in energy supply are avoided because energy costs are related to production data.

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