Batenburg Magion stands for engineering synergy: an excellent cooperation with clients and between
​engineers (in multidisciplinary teams) that forms the basis of our success.



As an enthusiastic team of technical specialists, we deploy the right technological capabilities to contribute to a flexible, efficient, sustainable and safe production process at our client's plants. We distinguish ourselves by combining automation capabilities with our domain knowledge and experience in production processes.

We operate in the following areas of expertise:

1. Process Control & Safety Automation
2. Production Intelligence and Optimization
3. Industrial Cyber Security
Within the following industries:

- Oil & gas
- Energy
- (Petro) Chemicals
- Water

We are successful because we are often part of the client's operational project team, which enables us to operate in an efficient, flexible and pragmatic manner.


In a world where technological developments are rapidly changing and sustainability and security are becoming more important, we strive to support our clients in optimizing their industrial production processes by combining existing and new technologies. 
​By doing this we always offer the most optimal solution for our clients in order to fulfill our mission statement.


Batenburg ​Magion has experience in process control engineering since 1988. Started off as Selmers Automation, the company quickly gained a name for itself as service and knowledge provider for mainly the DCS vendors. In 1996, a take-over was made by VEGA group PLC an English company listed on the London stock exchange. Named as VEGA Informatietechnologie, the company developed itself further in the process industry with a strong focus on industrial process automation. In 2002 a management buy-out ensured that the company became independent and self-reliable again. Since then, the company is known as Magion Industrial Software Solutions.

For the past 10 years, Magion’s provision of services has changed in such a way, that our focus has moved to engineering and our profile is that of an engineering company in the areas of process control engineering and production intelligence.