Our services are characterized by our project-based approach, which distinguishes us from the traditional temporary employment sector. Together with the customer, we determine the correct form of invoicing that fits within the project objectives and project requirements.


The consultancy services of Batenburg Magion enhance the efficiency of the production process and allow for stable product quality and process safety. Our consultancy services cover a wide spectrum: frond end engineering & design (FEED), basic and detailed design specifications and system selection processes are a few examples of our consultancy activities.


Once a decision has been made, our engineering services provide everything from conceptual design till implementation, testing and commissioning. End-users in the process industry and engineering contractors can rely on the experts of Batenburg Magion for optimal production control, safeguarding and data exchange and storage systems.

Training (PI & ICS)

Batenburg Magion offers user specific training sessions for control systems, data historians, data service layers and portals. In the case of data historians, we can also offer product training on products of OSIsoft and specific applications. Next to the basic user training of many systems, we can also offer specific training for the design and structure of data service layers, tag templates, building data portals and the efficient structuring of enterprise production networks.

Project Management

Fixed Price Projects

Batenburg Magion regularly takes on well-defined industrial automation projects on a fixed price basis. The advantage for our clients is clear: improved budget control and at the same time clarity and certainty with respect to the quality of the end result. Fixed price projects normally are focused on the engineering phase but can also be used during the preparing phases or procurement phase (consultancy).

Service Level Agreements

Process disruptions have a major impact on our clients organization.Batenburg Magion can assist you to minimize this disruption and optimize the continuity of your production process. We do this by means of careful engineering, using proven technologies and by offering a Service Level Agreement (SLA) if and when required.