Electrical engineering

We provide total automation solutions in industry. We do this in various market segments: process industry, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, infrastructure and oil & gas.

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What we do
Total solution

Total solution

Not only the design but also the construction of the panels, the development of the control software, the performance of the installation work and the commissioning of the control system are in safe hands with us.


Basic engineering

Every project starts with basic engineering, in which the basic principles are determined in close consultation and according to the client’s rules:

  • Discussing the scope of delivery
  • Establishing which standards and guidelines are decisive
  • Describing the type of implementation in technical specifications
  • Drawing up a network topology and single line diagram
  • Collecting and recording relevant documents and data, such as:
    • I/O lists
    • Motor lists
    • Instrument sheets
    • Layout drawings
    • Local conditions


Detail engineering

After the basic engineering process, detailed engineering can be started. Within this process, we provide the following services:

  • Compilation of PLC, decentralised I/O and HMI configuration
  • Selection of frequency inverters and servo drives
  • Selection of components, such as switching materials
  • Creating cabinet views and layouts
  • Developing cable routes
  • Fixed and flexible cable guides
  • Translating the RIE (Risk Inventory & Evaluation) into electrical engineering solutions
  •  Installation calculations:
    • Safety class (SIL/PL)
    • Power ratings
    • Trip settings
    • Cabling
    • Short-circuit resistance
    • Cooling
    • Heating
  • Realisation of the diagram package:
    • P8 electrical plan
    • SEE electrical (Caddy)
    • AutoCAD electrical

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