Technology and innovation come together in the ARW-912

Zero Hunger

Unique cooperation between different disciplines within Batenburg Techniek

Pesticides may be used less and less. The current alternative is for human hands to clean the weeds from the crop. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Batenburg Beenen has managed to automate this. What is special about this project is the cooperation between the different companies within Batenburg. For example, Batenburg Applied Technologies supplied the computer and Batenburg Industrial Electronics helped with the custom vision lights, which are also in the machine.

Batenburg Industrial Automation

Every day, we focus on making our customers' production, cultivation and property operations smarter, more efficient, safer and more sustainable. We do this by supplying and installing smarter products and by designing high-quality software to control processes and systems. Think of digital twins, predictive maintenance and augmented and virtual reality solutions. In close cooperation with clients, partners, universities, colleges and research institutes, we make the latest technologies practical.

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